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Step back in time and witness the blazing cherry red coal fire, see the shower of pin-point sparks and hear the anvil's ring.  Few are old enough to recall the once familiar scene of the Village Blacksmith but all are familiar with the legend.

GERONIMO BAYARD with over forty years experience as a farrier and twenty-five as a blacksmith LIVED THE LEGEND!
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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS  Readers' questions on horseshoeing and Geronimo's answers are listed here by topic.

ARTICLES  Look for timely articles to help you better care for your horse's feet.


Horse Training

Horse Training Readers' questions concerning horse handling & training.



BLACKSMITHING CLASSES  The classes have been terminated due to the unexpected death of Geronimo in July, 2001. Following this link will still lead you to lots of interesting photos and information if you are a blacksmithing enthusiast.

WHITE HART FORGE  Follow this link to an exciting new blacksmithing web site. Dan Klug (student of the American Blacksmith School) and Heidi Shewchuk offer classes in blacksmithing as well as creating lovely artistic and ornamental items.

THINGMAKER'S THINGS  This web site belongs to another American Blacksmith School graduate. It has some blacksmith projects illustrated with outstanding photographs, safety tips, etc., all seasoned with subtle humor. Try it; you'll like it! 

The Forge Beautiful and useful items hand-forged by Geronimo are featured here. 


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