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Due to the untimely death of The American Blacksmith School's founder and instructor Geronimo Bayard, blacksmithing instruction is no longer being offered. 

      Students enrolled in the classes learned to make many of their own high quality steel tools as well as acquire the basic skills necessary to produce other useful and beautiful items such as fireplace sets and candle holders. 

      As much as possible we are leaving the site the same as it was before Geronimo's death because we know he would have liked it that way. This will give all blacksmithing enthusiasts a chance to view the many interesting pictures as well as allow previous students a chance to revisit their classmates and their teacher and friend, Geronimo Bayard.

A former student of Geronimo's, Dan Klug and his wife Heidi Shewchuk are now teaching blacksmithing in Portland, Oregon. Check out their great web site at !


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